Stand against discrimination


A community that singles out any group of people for discrimination cannot be family-friendly. We oppose all forms of discrimination, including those based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other type of division. The effects of HB2 extend well beyond bathrooms and threaten the economic well being of North Carolina families.

Gov. McCrory’s actions have already led to the loss of more than 750 jobs, including PayPal and Deutsche Bank reconsidering expansions in North Carolina. TV and movie productions, concerts and conventions scheduled for North Carolina have been canceled. Discrimination is bad for business and hurts North Carolina families already struggling to make ends meet.

Moreover, the damage HB2 is doing to North Carolina’s reputation may be irreparable. Over 180 corporate executives have denounced the law and North Carolina has become the target of late night comedians. Meanwhile, our governor has only fanned the flames of division. 

Add your name to join thousands of North Carolinians united against discrimination. 

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