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Cumberland County needs a new voice in Raleigh. Vote for Kimberly Hardy during the Democratic Primary. Voting ends on March 3.

  • Kimberly Hardy is a teacher, mom and former school social worker who now is a Professor at Fayetteville State University.

  • Hardy is running to Expand Medicaid, fight for hunger and homelessness prevention, protect our drinking water, and support our public schools.

  • She’s a new voice for Cumberland County, not the same ol’ politicians that are too common in Raleigh.

Elmer Floyd’s Awful Record:

  • Voted for the 2019 Republican budget that refused to expand Medicaid. Between 500 and 600 thousand North Carolinians would gain access to affordable health care if the state expanded Medicaid. [AP, 7/9/19; H966, Floyd voted to adopt conference report 6/26/19]
  • Voted for the 2019 Republican budget that prioritized corporate tax cuts over our public schoolsThe Republican budget included a raise of less than half of what Governor Cooper offered and failed to restore Masters Pay for teachers with advanced degrees. The budget also included raises of less than 1% for school support staff like cafeteria workers and custodians. [News & Observer, 11/17/19; News & Observer, 6/25/19; WRAL, 10/8/19; H966, Floyd voted to adopt conference report 6/26/19]
  • Voted to allow landfill operators to “dispose” of “garbage juice,” the toxic water that collects at the bottom of a landfill, by spraying it into the air where it could threaten neighbors with harmful chemicals. [WRAL, 4/20/17; H576, 4/25/17]
  • Voted for a bill that made cuts to Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy prevention programs. [Associated Press, 10/1/15; H297 Floyd concurred in s/com sub 9/28/15]
  • Voted for three Republican budgets that allocated millions to fake-science anti-abortion groups. Funds for these so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” were allocated in three budgets that Floyd voted for in 2016, 2017 and 2019. The 2019 budget would grant $2.64 million to these groups. [NC Health News, 6/26/19; Floyd voted to adopt conference report 6/26/19; Floyd voted to adopt conference report 6/22/17, Floyd voted to adopt conference report 7/1/16]
  • Voted for Republican House Speaker Tim Moore, who failed to fund children of wartime veterans scholarship. Elmer Floyd was one of just two Democrats in the NC House to vote for Republican Speaker Tim Moore. Later that year, Moore and his staff ignored requests for additional money for the children of wartime veterans scholarship program. Leaving students scrambling to find the money for tuition, room, and board. [Fayetteville Observer, 1/9/19; WBTV, 12/19/19]

Elmer Floyd has been in Raleigh for too long. His record proves he’s left behind members of the Cumberland County community and in doing so he’s failed us all.  

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